Flag Essays, Central students share their thoughts

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As the school year was winding down in early June, a group of Central fifth graders was honored for their American flag essays. Rose Koehn, daughter of Reid and Katie Koehn, Elkader, was the first place winner followed by Mylee Wingert, Parker Vaughan and Sean Wilwert. 

The essay contest was sponsored by Lembke-Stendel American Legion Post #106. The Register is pleased to share the students’ work.

Rose Koehn

The American Flag represents the exceptional qualities of our country. Those qualities are freedom and leadership. The American Flag also represents to me the sense of being home.  

The quality of freedom can be seen throughout our country. We have the freedom to practice a different religion than our peers. Another good quality of freedom is having the right to bear arms. Americans have a right granted by our Constitution that we can use firearms not only for hunting but also for self-protection. Also we have the freedom to succeed by working hard. Our economy based on capitalism gives us the freedom to pursue success. 

The leadership of America can be seen throughout the world. America was the first modern country to have a representative government. This means we choose our leaders by voting. America has shared the quality of this form of government with other countries. France and Japan are examples of  countries that followed our lead by adopting representative governments. This has helped promote freedom throughout the world.  The United States shows leadership in the way our soldiers are fighting to keep people in other countries safe. In Iraq and Afghanistan, American soldiers are working to rebuild cities torn apart by war and protect the citizens of those countries while they build their own form of a representative government. 

America is also a great leader in inventing. Americans have invented lots of things.  Examples of famous American inventions are the light bulb invented by Thomas 

Edison and the telephone that Alexander Graham Bell invented.

Being home means to me comfort, welcoming, and security. When I see the American Flag I get this same sense of being home.

I am proud to have a home in a country that has leadership and freedom embodied by the American Flag.

Sean Wilwert

The American Flag has a lot of different meanings to people. To me, it represents liberty, justice and the men and women fighting for our country.  

I choose liberty because every one has the right to vote and run for offices. Citizens of the United States can also bear arms.  Bear an arm means you can have a weapon to defend yourself.  United states citizens have the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you can publicly state your opinion.  Another right is freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means you can worship the god(s) you want.  

I also choose justice because when the United States does something wrong they fix it such as when there was slavery and segregation. When the Nazi where killing Jews because they were Jews the United States stopped the Nazi. After 9/11 the United States hunted down and killed Osama Bin Laden.

I think the United States flag represents the men and women in battle for four reasons. First on military uniforms there is an American Flag. Second in the armed forces it is an honor to carry the American Flag. In addition if a soldier is killed in battle the whole state that he lives in lowers the American Flag to half-staff. Finally if a soldier is honorably discharged, when he dies, an American Flag is draped over his coffin and before he is buried it’s folded into a triangle and given to his family.  

When I see the American Flag I’m proud of the country it belongs to and I’m apart of.

Parker Vaughn

To me, the American flag means freedom, courage, and honor.

The American flag symbolizes freedom for the  people in our  country. Unlike  people in many  other countries in the world, Americans have  the freedom to choose where they want to live, a career, and many  other freedoms.· People are also  free  from  being  controlled by other people.

The American flag also  represents courage to citizens of the  United  States.  Soldiers show courage in protecting our  country. Throughout American history, soldiers needed courage to walk out onto  the battlefield and face the  fear of war.   Soldiers along with  firefighters, police  officers, and  medical professionals  have  to have  courage in times of crisis and  disaster. In difficult times, the flag is flown  to inspire  people to have  courage and  keep going.

People  of the  United  States also  honor the American flag.  Children learn in school to honor the American flag by saying the  Pledge of Allegiance. During  sporting events, the  flag i s raised and  people honor it by being silent and  putting their hand on their heart, letting a person sing the National Anthem. The flag is also raised to honor the veterans who have served for the  United States on Veterans Day and Memorial  Day.

The American flag means different things to different people, but to me it means freedom, courage, and honor.

Mylee Wingert

Have you ever thought about your role in respecting our countries flag? The flag deserves all Americans respect. Our flag represents our freedom, democracy, and our countries history. There are many ways to show respect for the flag and many reasons to do so. First of all our flag represents Freedom because people have fought for our country and given us rights such as freedom of religion. That’s important to me because I can go to· church on Sundays and Wednesdays and not be afraid of getting hurt. I also think our flag represents democracy, because we have many rights like voting for people who have the same beliefs as us. We also can get rid of people in government who aren’t doing a good job representing our country fairly. For more than 200 years the flag has been a symbol of our country. The flag has had many different looks but still represents our countries pride. We are proud of the people who have served, fought, and died in war and our flag represents that pride. It also represents tragedies we’ve over come such as 9-11, school shootings, and terrorism. We need to respect our flag because it is a symbol of our countries freedom, democracy, and history. When the flag is presented you should stand, remove you hat and place your hand over your heart. Showing respect to the flag is the right thing to do, after all it stands for.

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