Local empathic medium describes her personal spiritual journey

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Kelly Roth is a wife and mother of two, a veteran hairstylist, and an empathic medium with the ability to relay messages from the spiritual world. (Photo submitted)

By Molly Moser

Angels, healing stones, solar flares, spiritual beings, and Guttenberg resident Kelly Roth: What do all these things have in common? “Energy. Everyone is a big ball of energy,” says Roth, who describes herself as an empathic medium. “I feel the emotional energy of other people and of spaces.” 

Today, Roth can tune into this emotional energy to receive healing information about herself and those around her. But just over a decade ago, her spiritual journey was just beginning. After her daughter, Emma, was born 11 years ago, Roth became very interested in angels. “I read everything I could get my hands on,” she recalls. “Having children cracks your heart wide open, and you see the world in a very different way.” It was while watching her one-year-old daughter play in some rocks in the yard that she became curious about the properties of stones.

Roth began to educate herself and was soon selling various stones in the shop beneath her home, where she made a career as a hairstylist. “Being a hairdresser for 20 years – listening to people share very personal information – definitely equipped me to do what I do now,” she laughs. As Roth, who was raised Catholic, began to further develop her spiritual life, she felt drawn to study Reiki.

Through Reiki, Roth became more attuned to her own energy and eventually recognized her abilities as an empathic messenger. It was during a Reiki session that she first noticed words and ideas popping into her mind – words and ideas she immediately recognized as not her own. 

Both of Roth’s parents died of car accident-related injuries during two separate events while she was still in high school. “I’ve always believed their deaths were not random, and knew I was watched over. It always made me drawn to the spirit world,” she admits. “I have been very fortunate that the death and the sadness of my childhood led me to this beautiful story from sadness to fulfillment. You have to try to understand that tragedy shifts you into the most tremendous amount of growth, and that’s a gift God allows us all to have. If they hadn’t died, I would not be a messenger to help others heal.”

After a period of questioning and prayer, Roth came to the realization that her gift was real and that she wanted to share it. “I had to accept that I could do this,” she says, confessing that one of her biggest fears was the way her family, friends, and community would receive her. Learning of her childhood tragedies and beginning to understand humans as beings made of energy, she says, helps people get over the hurdle of accepting her gifts as she has. 

Now, people come to Roth seeking guidance during transitional periods of life – changing jobs, changing relationships, dealing with grief, seeking clarity and forgiveness, questioning their own gifts, and simply learning to love themselves. She communicates with the spirit world and uses angel and aura readings, and hopes to someday also teach Reiki to others. “The guidance doesn’t come from me. It comes through me,” she specifies, attributing the messages she delivers to the spirit guides that go through life with each of us. “Guides are people you knew in past lives who you’ve asked for assistance.”

Yes, you heard right – past lives are another of Roth’s areas of interest. She’s discovered several of her own during her journey over the past decade, and suggests that attractions to past time periods or certain activities might point others in the direction of pinpointing their past lives. 

At first, she admits, Roth searched for a scientific explanation for her ability to feel the emotions of others and to receive messages from the spirit realm. She was able to attribute some of her feelings to geomagnetic energy. During major geomagnetic storms the sun may eject large amounts of plasma that can damage satellites or cause temporary power outages, such as one that occurred in Quebec in 1989. This particular event caused high currents in the magnetosphere that induced high currents in power lines, blowing out electric transformers and power stations, and causing intense auroras at both poles. Some reports of such storms aggravating migraines have been made.

Yet at the end of the day, Roth says she’s using a gift we all have. “The five God-given senses make up our sixth sense – intuition,” she explains, providing a bit of insight for those of us who don’t hear guidance from beyond. “We have three information centers. The brain is safe, logical, and smart; the heart guides you toward what feels good; and the gut tells you the truth of the matter. We can use those three info centers together, but always check in with your gut first.” Roth encourages others to embrace their own spiritual sides, to accept and love themselves, and to never feel awkward about seeking advice and answers in search of their truth.

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