The ghost counselor

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Local woman helps entities cross over

Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times Editor

As a child, Jenny Gordon lived in a home with entities, spirits that could communicate with her.

“As a young child, it was very scary, when you don’t understand what’s going on,” recalled Gordon, a McGregor resident. “My parents didn’t see them.”

As a teenager, fear propelled her to close off the connection. However, as an adult, Gordon tapped back into it, hoping to help both the living and non-living.

She does this through the process of clearing houses. As the name suggests, Gordon helps clear homes of entities, reclaiming the space for the present, physical owners, while also helping the entity move on to the other side.

What attracts an entity to a space in the first place? According to Gordon, it could either be the space itself or a person in that space.

“They’re drawn to things that are familiar to them,” Gordon explained. For example, a room decorated in an 1800s style could attract entities from that era. “They also look at the people in a space. They wouldn’t stick around if they’re not comfortable. They want a place to stay that feels good.”

Entities, Gordon said, favor people who may look like someone they know. They’re also drawn to people who have white light around them, or have white auras.

“They think, ‘Maybe they can communicate with me,’” Gordon shared.

Young children with energy are attractive, too, as entities can use that energy to put themselves into their full forms. Children are also more perceptive of entities, Gordon shared.

“Children are closer to the other side,” she said. “They’re more sensitive.”

After dealing with entities through her childhood, Gordon said she hopes, by clearing houses, she can aid children dealing with them now. She said it’s also satisfying to help parents better understand the situation.

“I like to do it for children, so little kids don’t have to deal with it,” she said. “If you can’t see it, some people don’t believe it.”

Fear, Gordon said, is largely what keeps entities from moving on.

“They have a fear that they’re not good enough, or they’re afraid something on the other side is going to hurt them,” she stated. 

Sometimes, a tragic event has kept them here on earth. They may even be waiting for someone. 

Another reason isn’t so sad, Gordon mentioned: “Some just love it here; they’re floaters who go from space to space.”

There are different ways to clear a house, said Gordon. She uses both Native American and Christian ways. From the Native American way, sage is often utilized, with the smoke clearing negative energy. Following a more Christian way, she uses oil and water (both regular and holy water) to bless the home or things in the home, like windows, where entities can enter. Prayer and white light can also be incorporated.

“It’s different with every family,” Gordon stated. “When I teach people how to do it themselves, they feel better. They need that confidence.”

Entities can make themselves known in homes in a variety of ways—everything from rattling doorknobs and going up and down stairs to moving items or disrupting communication devices (phones, computers). Usually, there’s no ill intent behind it, Gordon stressed.

“Most past people are like you and me; they’re just stuck,” she explained. “They’re not trying to harm you or scare you. Sometimes, they’re not even honed in on us.”

However, even if an entity is not purposely trying to connect, it can be scary. It’s healthier for everyone—the home owner and the entity—if it crosses over, Gordon said.

One of the goals of clearing a house, she shared, is to claim the space for the current owner.

“The person physically living in the house has a right to claim that space,” Gordon said, noting that, if the person doesn’t know this, the entity can take advantage. “Even if it’s a person who lived in the house before you, once you claim that space, they have to go.”

When the clearing process begins, Gordon said some entities are rebellious and tell her they don’t have to leave. She remains firm with them, though.

“I say, ‘By the time I leave tonight, you have to leave the house,’” she said.

Once the entities realize they can’t scare or bully you, she said, they start to think “maybe she [Gordon] can help me.”

Gordon said she typically conducts house clearings after 7 p.m., as she’s found entities don’t always come in until after that time. Some clearings can take hours.

“I’ve been there from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.,” she said. “Entities are not always in the houses. Sometimes, they’re reluctant to talk, so I start clearing the house and wait for them to show up. Sometimes, there are multiple entities, so it can take a long time.”

When connecting with entities, Gordon described herself as a visual medium, or clairvoyant.

“I see mostly in my mind’s eye,” she shared. “I see different parts of the body or parts of what they look like. When I enter the space, I feel their presence, and I try to connect and figure out what it is.”

Gordon can usually tell if the entity is a male or female, as well as details about its height, hair and clothing—pieces that help her determine the time period. 

“It’s like a game of charades,” Gordon described. “We go back and forth to see what they want to communicate.”

Gordon said she’s communicated with entities dating as far back as the 1700s up until the present day.

By getting comfortable with one another and simply communicating, Gordon said she can get to the root of why the entity won’t cross over to the other side.

“I talk to them about their fears,” she said. “I have a lot of information. I tell them their loved one is on the other side. I can call upon their guides and angels to help them cross over.”

By working with them one-on-one, Gordon said she often feels like a counselor.

“I do energy work. I’m healing them,” she stated. “Otherwise, they’re wandering around and they’re not productive.”

Gordon said she feels bad for the entities’ situations, and that it’s important to show compassion.

“Can you imagine being here from the 1800s?” she questioned. “It’s lonely.”

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